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  • 0.8   Add w-tiling; Add Bulk Degridder; Improve CI; Use clang-format; Fix l/m/n/ shift signs.
    Release 0.8

    This release significantly improves performance of making large images by implementing a w-tiling approach, solves a few bugs and allows integration with DP3.

    Changes since 0.7:

    • Various optimizations (BufferSetImpl::get_image(), BufferSetImpl::set_image(), ...)
    • Various fixes.
    • Add Dockerfiles for building with CUDA.
    • Disable OpenCL build option.
    • Apply and enforce Google C++ Style formatting using clang-format.
    • Improve CI: Check formatting, report test coverage, use DAS-5 for GPU tests, enable integration tests in docker.
    • Add tGridDegrid and tSinglePointSource integration tests.
    • Document and fix shift signs for l, m, and n/p. Add unit test for compute_n.
    • Enable W-tiling.
    • Make W-stacking and W-tiling optional.
    • Add bulk degridder API. Test that different degridders produce similar results.
    • Add copyright headers to all source files.
  • 0.7   Many changes throughout the entire library to fix bugs, improve stability and increase the performance. This release of IDG is compatible with WSClean 2.9.
    d8113692 · Merge branch 'stopwatch' ·
  • 0.6   Extended functionally, fixed bugs, performance optimizations, etc. to better support real-world use-cases (large bandwidth, TEC screens, international baselines).
  • 0.5   Release of IDG where all sub-repositories are merged. Older tags are deprecated.
  • 0.4   First release of IDG that supports A-term correction
  • 0.3   Release of IDG that is compatible with wsclean 2.6. No average beam correction yet.
  • 0.2   Release of IDG that is compatible with wsclean 2.5.
  • 0.1   First public release of Image-Domain Gridding