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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 1.2.0
    This release contains a major refactoring of a core component of IDG: the custom "ArrayTypes", which are multidimensional arrays have been completely replaced by XTensor. To this end, IDG now depends on aocommon, which is pulled in automatically when cloning IDG with git recursively. Other than that, IDG now uses Power Measurement Toolkit  (PMT) instead of libpowersensor.
    - Compilation with GCC 13
    - Compatibility with KernelTuner (updated to support 0.4.3)
    - Make CI more predictable by using fixed versions of DP3 and WSClean
    - Python demo code (imaging of a measurementset) works again with all proxies
    New features:
    - Replace libpowersensor by Power Measurement Toolkit (PMT)
    - Replace ArrayTypes with XTensor multi-dimensional arrays
    - Make various variable names more consistent (e.g. spheroidal/taper and aterm/aterms)
    - Apply Google Style to the code that was touched since last release (and some surrounding code for consistency)
  • 1.1.0
    This is a snapshot of the 'stable' state that IDG has been in over the last couple of months, including some recent fixes for compatibility with recent versions of DP3, Everybeam and WSClean.
    - CUDA gridder: large number of channels
    - CUDA gridder: few timesteps per subgrid
    - CUDA degridder: Stokes-I submode
    - CUDA gridder + degridder: out-of-bounds reads
    - Plan: visibility count and jobsize
    - CPU W-Tiling: forward/backward FFT swapped
    - Add workaround for CUDA profiler errors
    New features:
    - Add optional phasor extrapolation feature for CUDA kernels
    - Add Python CUDA kernel tests
    - Use current versions of Everybeam, DP3 and WSClean in CI
    - Fix idg-cal for current DP3/Everybeam
    - Remove schaap-stack from CI
    - Move to new servers for documentation and CI data
    - Update SKA CI to use k8srunner-gpu runner
    - Remove deprecated OpenCL code
    - Restore support for Maxwell GPU architecture 
    - Various cleanup and improvements to CUDA kernels
  • 1.0.0 Release: 1.0.0
    This is the first 'stable' release of IDG.
  • 0.8.1
    Add Stokes I only option to idg-api
  • 0.8 Release: 0.8
    Add w-tiling; Add Bulk Degridder; Improve CI; Use clang-format; Fix l/m/n/ shift signs.
  • 0.7
    d8113692 · Merge branch 'stopwatch' ·
    Many changes throughout the entire library to fix bugs, improve stability and increase the performance.
    This release of IDG is compatible with WSClean 2.9.
  • 0.6
    Extended functionally, fixed bugs, performance optimizations, etc. to better support real-world use-cases (large bandwidth, TEC screens, international baselines).
  • 0.5
    Release of IDG where all sub-repositories are merged. Older tags are deprecated.
  • 0.4
    First release of IDG that supports A-term correction
  • 0.3
    Release of IDG that is compatible with wsclean 2.6. No average beam correction yet.
  • 0.2
    Release of IDG that is compatible with wsclean 2.5.
  • 0.1
    First public release of Image-Domain Gridding