Commit a9276d7e authored by Tammo Jan Dijkema's avatar Tammo Jan Dijkema

Merge branch 'cmake_idgfound' into 'master'

Update links to master, not cmake_onepackage branch

See merge request astron-idg/idg!17
parents 6d106786 387aeb80
Pipeline #442 failed with stage
Subproject commit c8f149d571d96e81377be2d2c06e76c0a026e425
Subproject commit 2cc623e66b07f21c0ee34e67ee7094d61fe7f1d2
Subproject commit aadfcddf7d275401dfe2ebbe0b2c74c078df4cfc
Subproject commit 72dbc5042627a9183edde579a376a778840ab24f
Subproject commit d0fa334770bde7b80953449b384f6059ebdc8741
Subproject commit cab3dade2d9fb60353c01c74c598db7c12a07431
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