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Setup MVP with CI/CD

Mattia Mancini requested to merge setup_mvp_with_ci into main

Provide a minimal valuable product for the DACHS RD

Provide a minimal resource description for creating the tables needed to host the metadata for the datasets produced by the focus project. In addition, a CI/CD pipeline has been set to validate the intermediate development efforts and facilitate the discussion with stakeholders.

In fact, the CI/CD produces from test data different images with the test dachs import produces. Such images can be downloaded and inspected from the web interface of GitLab.

However minimal the testing is a this point it is a basis to build upon to verify each of the services published in the resource description.

In addition to the CI/CD this merge request provides also the SQL custom grammar. Such grammar is meant to be used to import the metadata directly from another database via an SQL query. An example of this use case could be importing the metadata from the LTA archive.

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