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# OPC ua
## Python C library install
(note: already installed on dop36)
git clone
follow install instructions from
## Python Client Install
(note: already installed on dop36)
sudo apt install python-opcua
sudo apt install python-opcua-tools
cd opcua/
git clone
## Test the OPCua client with the proviced C client
Compile the OPCua client:
`cd test/c/ua_client`
then execute the command shown in the README file in that directory
1. Start the sdpunb server on dop36:
cd src
./sdpunb --configfile=uniboard2.conf --nodaemon
2. Run the client:
cd test/c/ua_client
The (test) client reads out all available Uniboard registers.
## Test the OPCua client with the opcua-client (GUI) on
`ssh -J -L`
run OPCua GUI client:
then open an OPCua connection to: `opc.tcp://dop36:4840`
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