Commit 6af603ca authored by Anton Joubert's avatar Anton Joubert
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Update to 0.6.1

And include CSIRO as author (@drewdevereux).
parent 29cc2dfb
......@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@
"""Release information for lmc-base-classes Python Package"""
name = """lmcbaseclasses"""
version = "0.6.0"
version = "0.6.1"
version_info = version.split(".")
description = """A set of generic base devices for SKA Telescope."""
author = "SKA India and SARAO"
author = "SKA India and SARAO and CSIRO"
author_email = "adityadange.ska at"
license = """BSD-3-Clause"""
url = """"""
copyright = """NCRA and SARAO"""
copyright = """NCRA and SARAO and CSIRO"""
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