Commit 1fd9f33b authored by coolen's avatar coolen

Added linux build settings for roberto pizzo

parent 0299c4c5
# Machine specific rules for Linux at NFRA (AxC 010130)
set CC="gcc-3.3"
set FFLAGS="-c -w -Wall -I$n_inc -fno-automatic -finit-local-zero -fugly-logint -fno-backslash -fdollar-ok -fno-second-underscore -m32"
set CFLAGS="-c -w -I$n_inc -m32"
set LD_X11="-L/usr/lib -lX11"
#set LD_USER="-L/usr/lib -lncursesw"
set FFLAGS_L="-m32 -fugly-logint -fno-backslash -fdollar-ok -fno-second-underscore -L/usr/lib64/gcc-lib/x86_64-suse-linux/3.3.3-hammer/32"
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