1. 03 Dec, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge pull request #248 in CASA/casa6 from CAS-9386 to master · 5377af4a
      Ville Suoranta authored
      * commit 'e33f178f': (138 commits)
        Fix a locking issue due to lack of lock counter on a table
        Fix some unlocking issues with MMSs
        fix a lock/unlock issue for test_multifield_both_cube
        revert some locking change + now update imageinfo in the psf only once at the end of finishing the whole cube psf.
        changed some no read locks to write locks ...added an extra flush
        Updated the alma stk tests on CASA5
        Enabled parallel mode for cube_eph imaging
        Import impbcor in test_tclean
        Fix some more api changes in the tests
        fixed a long issue that came due to interface change
        parameter name change in checkval fix
        modified warning from 6.2 to 6.3
        removed a few debugging printouts prior to merge
        forgot to update this for the casa6 version
        Updated the expected values for mosaic imaging based on serial runs on the tarball #100
        fix a bug for mosaic beam frequency when tolerance for stepping in frequency is smaller than channel width
        This does not seem to get copied over automatically
        reenable  tests for awproject cube
        parallelize PB making for standard gridder, allowed cube with awproject with all its problems (not working in parallel or with chanchunking)
        Remove CASA_BUILD flag from setup.py.in
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      Merge pull request #253 in CASA/casa6 from CAS-12811 to master · eb1fbe4a
      Sandra Castro authored
      * commit '534bd043':
        removed a test case (test_imagename). It was redundant with the content of test_outfile
        Added imdev req test
  2. 02 Dec, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge pull request #254 in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13130 to master · a0a48e8f
      Ville Suoranta authored
      * commit 'ec5f9d82': (32 commits)
        fixed test_po_rotationmeasure.py for casa5 use, tasks (rmfit) no longer return a bool
        synced specflux scripts between CASA 5 and 6
        CAS-13130 sync test_sdsidebandsplit.py
        update task_specflux to be synced between casa5 and casa6
        tests synced
        check point
        check point
        check point
        tweaked ctsys_resolve in casa5 code for test_sdimaging and test_tsdimaging to allow casa-data-reg to be at same location as data
        updated test_ia_regrid
        finished up rewriting tests
        CAS-13130 remove files that are created by the test but are not deleted
        check point
        CAS-13130 delete copytree_ignore_subversion which is no longer useful
        CAS-13130 sync test_sdimaging.py
        CAS-13130 sync tsdimaging and its test
        CAS-13130 sync sdsidebandsplit
        CAS-13130 sync sdpolaverage
        CAS-13130 sync nrobeamaverage
        CAS-13130 sync sdtimeaverage and its test
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