Commit f411cc01 authored by jurges's avatar jurges

Add stager API v1.0

# This is the Stager API wrapper module for the Lofar LTA staging service.
# It uses an xmlrpc proxy to talk and authenticate to the remote service. Your account credentials will be read from
# the awlofar catalog Environment.cfg, if present or can be provided in a .stagingrc file in your home directory.
# !! Please do not talk directly to the xmlrpc interface, but use this module to access the provided functionality.
# !! This is to ensure that when we change the remote interface, your scripts don't break and you will only have to
# !! upgrade this module.
__version__ = "1.0"
import xmlrpclib
import datetime
from os.path import expanduser
# Determine credentials and create proxy
user = None
passw = None
with open(expanduser("~/.awe/Environment.cfg"),'r') as file:
print, "stager_access: Parsing user credentials from", expanduser("~/.awe/Environment.cfg")
for line in file:
if line.startswith("database_user"):
user = line.split(':')[1].strip()
if line.startswith("database_password"):
passw = line.split(':')[1].strip()
except IOError:
with open(expanduser("~/.stagingrc"),'r') as file:
print, "stager_access: Parsing user credentials from", expanduser("~/.stagingrc")
for line in file:
if line.startswith("user"):
user = line.split('=')[1].strip()
if line.startswith("password"):
passw = line.split('=')[1].strip()
print, "stager_access: Creating proxy"
proxy = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("https://"+user+':'+passw+"")
# ---
def stage(surls):
""" Stage list of SURLs """
if isinstance(surls, str):
surls = [surls]
stageid = proxy.LtaStager.add_getid(surls)
return stageid
def get_status(stageid):
""" Get status of request with given ID """
return proxy.LtaStager.getstatus(stageid)
def abort(stageid):
""" Abort running request / release data of a finished request with given ID """
return proxy.LtaStager.abort(stageid)
def get_surls_online(stageid):
""" Get a list of all files that are already online for a running request with given ID """
return proxy.LtaStager.getstagedurls(stageid)
def get_srm_token(stageid):
""" Get the SRM request token for direct interaction with the SRM site via Grid/SRM tools """
return proxy.LtaStager.gettoken(stageid)
def reschedule(stageid):
""" Reschedule a request with a given ID, e.g. after it was put on hold due to maintenance """
return proxy.LtaStager.reschedule(stageid)
def get_progress():
""" Get a detailed list of all running requests and their current progress. As a normal user, this only returns your own requests. """
return proxy.LtaStager.getprogress()
def get_storage_info():
""" Get storage information of the different LTA sites, e.g. to check available disk pool space. Requires support role permissions. """
return proxy.LtaStager.getsrmstorageinfo()
def prettyprint(dictionary, indent=""):
""" Prints nested dict responses nicely. Example: 'stager_access.prettyprint(stager_access.get_progress())'"""
if type(dictionary) is dict:
for key in sorted(dictionary.keys()):
item = dictionary.get(key)
if type(item) is dict:
print indent+'+ ' +str(key)
prettyprint(item, indent=indent+' ')
print indent+'- '+str(key),'\t -> \t',str(item)
print "stager_access: This prettyprint takes a dict only!"
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