Commit 3564054b authored by Jorrit Schaap's avatar Jorrit Schaap

TMSS-145: Merge branch 'TMSS-145' of into...

TMSS-145: Merge branch 'TMSS-145' of into TMSS-145 (after rebase with master)
parents 0e662993 5d66603b
......@@ -161,7 +161,6 @@ class SubtaskSerializerJSONeditorOnline(RelationalHyperlinkedModelSerializer):
self.fields['specifications_doc'] = serializers.JSONField(
style={'template': 'josdejong_jsoneditor_widget.html',
'schema': json.dumps(schema)})
except Exception as e:
# todo: Shall we use one of the default templates for the init?
logger.exception('Could not determine schema, hence no fancy JSON form. Expected for list view.')
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