Commit 159cce4e authored by Jan David Mol's avatar Jan David Mol

COB-23: Backported LV614 and new station->cobalt mapping after rewiring

parent 28b635e0
......@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ CS002 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:93:51
CS026 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:80
CS026 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:80
CS302 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:80
CS302 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:82
CS302 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:93:52
CS302 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:93:52
DE602 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:82
......@@ -46,8 +46,10 @@ FR606 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:82
CS003 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:94:11
CS003 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:94:11
CS028 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:34:B0
CS028 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:34:B0
CS028 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:94:12
CS028 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:94:12
RS106 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:34:B0
PL610 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:34:B2
......@@ -56,13 +58,13 @@ DE601 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:34:B2
DE601 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:34:B2
DE601 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:34:B2
RS106 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:34:B2
CS004 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:5F:61
CS004 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:5F:61
CS031 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:30:E0
CS031 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:30:E0
CS031 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:5F:62
CS031 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:5F:62
RS210 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:30:E0
DE604 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:30:E2
......@@ -71,13 +73,13 @@ SE607 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:30:E2
SE607 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:30:E2
SE607 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:30:E2
RS210 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:30:E2
CS006 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:A2:21
CS006 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:A2:21
CS103 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:30
CS103 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:30
CS103 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:A2:22
CS103 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:A2:22
RS306 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:30
DE603 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:32
DE603 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:32
......@@ -86,13 +88,13 @@ DE603 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:32
PL611 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:32
RS306 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2F:32
CS011 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:91:81
CS011 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:91:81
CS201 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:39:70
CS201 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:39:70
CS201 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:91:82
CS201 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:91:82
RS307 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:39:70
DE609 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:39:72
DE609 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:39:72
......@@ -102,13 +104,13 @@ UK608 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:39:72
UK608 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:39:72
UK608 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:39:72
RS307 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:39:72
CS013 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:A1
CS013 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:A1
CS301 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2C:C0
CS301 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:2C:C0
CS301 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:A2
CS301 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:A2
RS508 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2C:C0
DE605 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2C:C2
DE605 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2C:C2
......@@ -117,57 +119,57 @@ DE605 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2C:C2
PL612 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2C:C2
RS508 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:2C:C2
CS001 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3D:89:81
CS001 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3D:89:81
CS501 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3D:89:82
CS501 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3D:89:82
CS024 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:D9:30
CS024 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:40:D9:30
RS406 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:D9:30
RS406 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:D9:31
RS509 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:D9:32
CS005 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:5E:91
CS005 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:5E:91
RS205 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:5E:91
CS030 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:5E:92
CS030 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:5E:92
CS501 RSP_0 3C:FD:FE:07:FD:A0
CS501 RSP_1 3C:FD:FE:07:FD:A0
RS205 RSP_0 3C:FD:FE:07:FD:A0
RS407 RSP_0 3C:FD:FE:07:FD:A0
RS407 RSP_0 3C:FD:FE:07:FD:A2
CS007 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3D:86:E1
CS007 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3D:86:E1
RS208 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3D:86:E1
CS032 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3D:86:E2
CS032 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3D:86:E2
CS032 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:DA:50
CS032 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:40:DA:50
RS208 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:DA:50
RS409 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:DA:50
RS409 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:DA:51
CS017 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:91
CS017 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:91
RS305 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:91
CS101 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:92
CS101 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3E:A1:92
CS101 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:38:50
CS101 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:38:50
RS305 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:38:50
RS503 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:38:50
RS503 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:38:51
IE613 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:38:52
CS030 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:38:52
CS030 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:42:38:52
LV614 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:42:38:52
CS021 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3D:C4:01
CS021 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3D:C4:01
RS310 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3D:C4:01
CS401 RSP_0 E4:43:4B:3D:C4:02
CS401 RSP_1 E4:43:4B:3D:C4:02
CS401 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:CC:10
CS401 RSP_1 F8:F2:1E:40:CC:10
RS310 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:CC:10
RS509 RSP_0 F8:F2:1E:40:CC:10
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