Commit f99bb498 authored by Auke Klazema's avatar Auke Klazema

Merge branch 'ROHD-2204-StationTests' into 'master'

ROHD-2204: Fix python exit code 120

See merge request ro/lofar!83
parents ee76fcfe f3935bbc
......@@ -81,6 +81,7 @@ then
echo "Running $level $start $stop"
# Check hardware
if [ $SERVICE == "yes" ]
......@@ -90,8 +91,13 @@ else
echo $err
if [ $err -eq 0 ]
echo "Exit code from is " $err
# Accepts exit code 0 that means successfully executed,
# and exit code 120 that means the the python3 interpreter cannot
# flush the stdout buffer. This is a feature of the python3 interpreter,
# that manifests itself with a headless execution of the current script.
if [ $err -eq 0 ] || [ $err -eq 120 ]
# Add test results too PVSS and make bad_rcu_file -N=5,50,1 -J=5,50,2 -S=20 -E
......@@ -104,15 +110,21 @@ then
# Copy to local filename file in local dir
echo "copying file $local_data_dir$filenameNow into $local_data_dir$filenameLocal"
cp $local_data_dir$filenameNow $local_data_dir$filenameLocal
echo "copied file $local_data_dir$filenameNow into $local_data_dir$filenameLocal"
# Add to history
echo "concatenating to station tests history" $local_data_dir$filenameNow $local_data_dir$filenameLocalHistory
cat $local_data_dir$filenameNow >> $local_data_dir$filenameLocalHistory
echo "concatenated to station tests history" $local_data_dir$filenameNow $local_data_dir$filenameLocalHistory
# Copy from local to global dir
echo "Copying from $local_data_dir to $global_data_dir"
cp $local_data_dir$filenameLocal $global_data_dir
cp $local_data_dir$filenameLocalHistory $global_data_dir
cp $local_data_dir$filenameBadRCUs $global_data_dir
echo "Copied from $local_data_dir to $global_data_dir"
if [ $SERVICE == "yes" ]
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