Commit b0ae35e7 authored by Jan David Mol's avatar Jan David Mol

TMSS-604: TAB rings are always coherent

parent 4a0745b7
......@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ def create_observation_subtask_specifications_from_observation_task_blueprint(ta
sap["tabs"] += [{'coherent': False}] # todo: according to confluence. Is that needed?
if "tab_rings" in sap:
ring_pointings = _generate_tab_ring_pointings(target_sap["digital_pointing"], sap.pop("tab_rings"))
sap['tabs'] += [{'coherent': (stokes_type == "coherent"), 'pointing': pointing} for pointing in ring_pointings]
sap['tabs'] += [{'coherent': True, 'pointing': pointing} for pointing in ring_pointings]
if "subbands" in sap:
sap['subbands'] = _filter_subbands(target_sap['subbands'], sap['subbands'])
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