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#!/usr/bin/env cwl-runner
class: Workflow
cwlVersion: v1.0
id: applybeam_step_generator
- id: steps
type: Any[]?
default: []
- id: step_name
type: string
doc: unique name for the step
default: applybeam
- id: direction
type: string?
doc: A RA/Dec value specifying in what direction to correct the beam. See phaseshift.phasecenter for syntax. If empty, the beam is corrected in the direction of the current phase center.
- id: onebeamperpatch
type: string?
doc: |
Compute the beam only for the center of each patch
(saves computation time, but you should set this to false for large
In the ApplyBeam step, this setting does not make sense
(but it does if the applybeam is part of predict, ddecal, gaincal,
h5parmpredict, etc.).
Generally, FALSE is the right setting for this option.
The default has changed to false in a recent (Nov 2018) version.
- id: usechannelfreq
type: boolean?
doc: |
Compute the beam for each channel of the measurement set separately.
This is useful for merged / concatenated measurement sets.
For raw LOFAR data you should set it to false,
so that the beam will be formed as in the station hardware.
Also, setting it to false is faster.
- id: updateweights
type: boolean?
doc: |
Update the weights column, in a way consistent with
the weights being inverse proportional to the autocorrelations
(e.g. if 'autoweights' was used before).
- id: invert
type: boolean?
doc: |
Invert the corrections, to correct the data. Default is true.
If you want to corrupt the data, set it to 'false'
- id: beammode
type: enum
- array_factor
- element
- default
doc: |
Beam mode to apply, can be “array_factor”, “element” or “default”.
Default is to apply both the element beam and the array factor.
- id: augmented_steps
- DP3_GenericStep/augmented_steps
type: Any[]
- id: DP3_GenericStep
- id: step_type
default: 'applybeam'
- id: step_id
source: step_name
- id: steps
source: steps
- id: parameters
valueFrom: $(inputs)
- id: direction
source: direction
- id: onebeamperpatch
source: onebeamperpatch
- id: usechannelfreq
source: usechannelfreq
- id: updateweights
source: updateweights
- id: invert
source: invert
- id: beammode
source: beammode
- augmented_steps
run: ../steps/DP3.GenericStep.cwl
- class: StepInputExpressionRequirement
- class: InlineJavascriptRequirement
- class: MultipleInputFeatureRequirement
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