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Merge branch 'applycal_step_generator' into 'master'

Add applycal step

See merge request !2
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......@@ -51,6 +51,12 @@ average_step_generator:
- cwl-runner steps/DP3.AveragerStepGenerator.cwl test_jobs/averager_step_generator.json
- ! cwl-runner steps/DP3.AveragerStepGenerator.cwl test_jobs/averager_step_generator_error.json
stage: test_steps
allow_failure: true
- cwl-runner steps/DP3.ApplyCalStepGenerator.cwl test_jobs/applycal_step_generator.json
stage: test_steps
allow_failure: true
#!/usr/bin/env cwl-runner
class: Workflow
cwlVersion: v1.0
id: applycal_step_generator
- id: steps
type: Any[]?
default: []
- id: step_name
type: string
doc: unique name for the step
default: applycal
- id: parmdb
type: string
doc: Path of parmdb in which the parameters are stored. This can also be an H5Parm file, in that case the filename has to end in '.h5'
- id: solset
type: string?
doc: |
In case of applying an H5Parm file: the name of the solset to be used.
If empty, defaults to the name of one solset present in the H5Parm
(if more solsets are present in an H5Parm and solset is left empty,
an error will be thrown)
- id: correction
type: enum
- gain
- tec
- clock
- rotationangle
- rotation
- scalarphase
- scalaramplitude
- rotationmeasure
- fulljones
doc: |
Type of correction to perform, can be one of 'gain', 'tec', 'clock',
'(common)rotationangle' / 'rotation', '(common)scalarphase',
'(common)scalaramplitude' or 'rotationmeasure'
(create multiple ApplyCal steps for multiple corrections).
When using H5Parm,
this is for now the name of the soltab;
the type will be deduced from the metadata in that soltab,
except for full Jones, in which case correction should be 'fulljones'.
- id: soltab
type: string[]?
doc: |
The name or names of the H5 soltab.
Currently only used when correction=fulljones,
in which case soltab should list two names (amplitude and phase soltab).
- id: direction
type: string?
doc: If using H5Parm, the direction of the solution to use
- id: updateweights
type: boolean?
doc: |
Update the weights column, in a way consistent with
the weights being inverse proportional to the autocorrelations
(e.g. if 'autoweights' was used before).
- id: interpolation
default: nearest
type: enum
- nearest
- linear
doc: If using H5Parm, the type of interpolation (in time and frequency) to use, can be one of 'nearest' or 'linear'.
- id: invert
type: boolean?
doc: |
Invert the corrections, to correct the data. Default is true.
If you want to corrupt the data, set it to 'false'
- id: timeslotsperparmupdate
type: int?
doc: |
Number of time slots to handle after one read of the parameter file.
Optimization to prevent spurious reading from the parmdb.
- id: augmented_steps
- DP3_GenericStep/augmented_steps
type: Any[]
- id: DP3_GenericStep
- id: step_type
default: 'applycal'
- id: output_files
default: ["parmdb"]
- id: step_id
source: step_name
- id: steps
source: steps
- id: parameters
valueFrom: $(inputs)
- id: parmdb
source: parmdb
- id: solset
source: solset
- id: correction
source: correction
- id: soltab
source: soltab
- id: direction
source: direction
- id: updateweights
source: updateweights
- id: interpolation
source: interpolation
- id: invert
source: invert
- id: timeslotsperparmupdate
source: timeslotsperparmupdate
- augmented_steps
run: ../steps/DP3.GenericStep.cwl
- class: StepInputExpressionRequirement
- class: InlineJavascriptRequirement
- class: MultipleInputFeatureRequirement
"input_parset": [{
"step_type": "name",
"step_id": "id",
"parameters": []
"parmdb": "out.h5",
"correction": "gain"
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