Commit af0105f2 authored by mancini's avatar mancini

Merge commit '68373922 [formerly...

Merge commit '68373922 [formerly 50bef375]'

Former-commit-id: d4a7b676
parents fe5c5f36 68373922
......@@ -40,6 +40,18 @@ inputs:
- id: soltab
type: string
doc: "Solution table"
- id: clocksoltabOut
doc: output soltab name for clock
type: string?
- id: tecsoltabOut
doc: output soltab name for tec
type: string?
- id: offsetsoltabOut
doc: output soltab name for phase offset
type: string?
- id: tec3rdsoltabOut
doc: output soltab name for tec3rd offset
type: string?
- id: flagBadChannels
type: boolean?
doc: Detect and remove bad channel before fitting, by default True.
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