Commit 984ffb17 authored by sarrvesh's avatar sarrvesh

fix func definition error

parent d5d3b409
......@@ -513,10 +513,10 @@ def on_calculate_click(n, n_clicks, obs_t, cal_t, n_cal, n_core, n_remote, n_int
pipe_time = bk.calculate_pipe_time(float(obs_t), float(cal_t), int(n_cal), int(n_sb), n_sap,
hba_mode, ateam_names,
avg_size = bk.calculate_proc_size(float(obs_t), float(integ_t),
n_baselines, int(n_chan), int(n_sb),
pipe_type, int(t_avg), int(f_avg),
avg_size = bk.calculate_proc_size(float(obs_t), float(cal_t), int(n_cal), float(integ_t),
n_baselines, int(n_chan), int(n_sb), n_sap,
pipe_type, int(t_avg), int(f_avg),
# It is useful to have coord as a list from now on
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