Commit 208d9e58 authored by Bram Veenboer's avatar Bram Veenboer

Add check for subgrid_size in plan_fft

This should not be necessary, as CUDA::compute_jobsize takes care of this
by resetting the fft plans when subgrid size changes, but is good to
have for completeness anyway.
parent 73d6f1c7
......@@ -686,6 +686,11 @@ namespace idg {
unsigned stride = 1;
unsigned dist = size * size;
// Force plan (re-)creation if subgrid size changed
if (size != fft_subgrid_size) {
fft_subgrid_batch = 0;
while (fft_subgrid_batch == 0) {
try {
// Plan bulk fft
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